Tael Line: Anthropology Research


This line tags along with the red line. When the long marchers move on to other places, the teal line students will stay in Guizhou for onsite researches. In collaboration with Guizhou Normal University, this study trip focuses on in-depth research and understanding of ethnic minorities in this remote mountainous province. Professors from GNU will supervise the researches and help with arranging the field trips.

Villages where field work is done
      1. Buyi Ethnic Minority Villages: Yinzhai, Wudang Libo, etc.
      2. Miao Ethnic Minority Villages: Xijiang, Zhengyuan, Liping's 6 villages.
      3. Yi Ethinic Minority Villages: Tunbao, Datun, Wangguan, etc.
      4. Bing'an Ancient Town
      5. Guanling Geological Park

Typical research topics
      1. The Role of Villager Self-Governance Associations
      2. Rural Tourism and Minority Women Development
      3. Rituals and Symbols in Ethnic Einority Cultures
      4. Cultural Heritage Protection in View of Rural Tourism
      5. Karst Econological Civilization as Shown in Guizhou Province

Required readings
      1. Xiaosong Zhang, Culture and Symbols.
      2. Beth E. Notar, Displacing Desire,Travel and Popular Culture in China.

Individual research projects on minority cultures


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