Summer Language Immersion                   Summer Engineering/Science Program

Summer 2017

A. Summer Language Immersion Program (8 weeks)

This 8 week program is oriented towards intensive language training in the midst of Chinese social environment. It follows the model pioneered by Middlebury College. This is only for those students who are serious and determined to immerse completely in Chinese language and culture.

Academic Credits: 8

June 10-August 6, 2017

Application Deadline: April 5

3.2 GPA (those with GPA between 3.0 and 3.2 are required to provide two exceptional recommendations)
2 semesters of Chinese
Skype Interview if needed.

$5,800 (including tuition, textbooks, housing, activities, and domestic travels). Food and international airfare are student's responsibilities.

   • On-campus dorm
   • Off-campus apartments
   • Homestay

There will be 4 levels of language studies, intermediate-low, intermediate-high, advanced-low and advanced-high.


     3000 words are expected of intermediate level.
     Advanced level students are expected to understand lectures in Chinese in Chinese universities.

Oral Proficiency:
     Complete sentences and competent oral expressions in conversations for intermediate level.
     Functioning normally in all kinds of situations for advanced level.

Written Expressions:
     Writing paragraphs such as narration, exposition, definition, description, etc for intermediate level.
     Reading or writing Chinese essays or novels in Chinese universities for advanced level.

Language pledge:
To achieve our goal of immersing in Chinese language and culture, a no English pledge will be adopted for intermediate level and above. Past experiences prove that such a requirement is a good fit for the high motivated students. It is a testing case for the old saying, when the goings get tough, the tough gets going.

Types of class:
The following classes are available, each with a different emphasis.
    Required classes:
     Comprehensive Chinese
     Spoken Chinese
     One on One Practice
    Elective classes(all conducted in Chinese):
     Chinese Culture
     Chinese Calligraphy
     Chinese Films

Tests and Exams:
     Weekly tests, both oral and written, will be conducted to assess progress.
     Writing exercises and homework completion will be graded.
     Final exam will be comprehensive in nature.

Practicum Activities:
     Visit the Great Wall and Forbidden City in Beijing
     Visit a factory
     Assisted travels to surrounding cities near Beijing

Dr. Hong Li,


B. Summer Engineering/Science Program (8 weeks)

Academic Credits: 6-9

June 10 - August 6, 2017

Application Deadline: April 5

$5,800 (including tuition, housing, activities, and domestic travels). Food and international airfare are student's responsibilities.

On-campus international student dorms, double occupancy.

   • Chinese Cinema as Cultural Translation and Self-Representation
     Instructor: Wang, Rujie, Ph.D., Rutgers University, Professor at College of Wooster
     China experienced great social and economic transformations in the past 30 years. As people's way of life change, so do their values and attitudes. This course studies a group of selected narrative films produced in the last two decades as texts of self-representation in which the Chinese reinvent themselves as well as their past. These films that depict modern Chinese experiences--including colonial experience and global diaspora--are also to be looked at as attempts on the part of the directors to negotiate prevailing and countervailing cultural values.

Course description:

  • China in Transformation
     Instructor: Sun, Youli, Ph.D. University of Chicago
     This course deals with the transformation of China from a traditional type of society to a modern nation. Two major themes, nationalism and communism, will serve as organizing threads throughout the course. Major events in the past, such as the Taiping Rebellion, the May Four Movement, Communist victory, will be selectively and emphatically explored. It aims at an understanding of Chinas modern history and sheds lights on the contemporary era. Required are one book review and a research paper of approximately 15 pages on any topic related to modern China. Class sessions will consist of lectures, discussions and student presentations. Students have to finish all readings before coming to any particular class. Syllabus

   • Introduction to Electrical Engineering
     Instructor: Wang, Ruye, Ph.D. Rutgers University, Professor at Harvey Mudd College
     Introduction to the fundamental priciples underlying electrical and electronic components and devices, and their applications in various circuits and systems. Topics include electrical and magetic properties of electrical components; analysis of both DC and AC passive linear circuits; semiconductor devices; analysis of active nonlinear circuits, including elementary transistor amplifiers and operational amplifiers; and simple electronic circuit design.
     Course Description:

   • Chinese (Elementary Level)
     General Goal: This course is crafted to facilitate beginners acquisition of Chinese language in use. Classroom instruction will focus on introducing basic Chinese characters, useful vocabulary, fundamental grammar, conversational patterns, simple texts and relevant culture tips.
     Special Goal: Students are encouraged to communicate in Chinese as frequently as possible. Listening and speaking skills are the main focus at this level.

Weekly Class Schedule:







9:00am-11:00am Chinese Language Chinese Language Chinese Language Chinese Language Chinese Language
1:30pm-3:30pm Chinese history Electrical Engineering Chinese History Electrical Engineering  

Note: Minor changes may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

Dr. Youli Sun,
Dr. Hong Li,

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