1. Cultural Explorations
Every other weekend there will be an organized group activity, taking students to cultural sities in and near Beijing. The places may include Captial Museum, Forbidden City, the Great Wall, 798 Art Zone, and the Summer Palace.

2. Socio-economic Activities
There will be some course related activities and visits. For instance, for Rurual Economics, there will be a visit to a mountainous village to the north of Beijing to help students to learn about rural life in China. Other activities may include factory/company/school visits depending on the need of the courses.

3. Volunteer Activities
During the semester various volunteer opportunites may be provided for students to participate, such as teaching English in a school for childern of migrant workers, performing duties at an orphanage, or provding services to ethnic minority groups in Guizhou Province (this will only be available at the end of the semester).

4. Others
--Celebration of every student's birthday during a semester.
--Sport activities with Peking University students.
--Chinese Speaking Contest and Roundtable Debates

Chinese Speaking Contest

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Scavenger Hunt-Playing games with PKU students

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