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Comments on Language Program

"Before leaving CSI, I kept finding myself saying that I couldn't bear the idea of putting my life in China behind me and moving past it. Now, I realize this is because my time spent at Peking University was not and will never be something that I am simply supposed to "put behind me". My opportunity to study abroad was an experience that will be forever interwoven with the person I am now and the person I will someday become. Never have I been a part of such a warm, loving community of students and teachers, and never have I been so excited to go to class each day. My teachers and the program directors did not just expose me to new cultures, teach me a new language, and offer me adventures; they helped me to become better acquainted with and more comfortable with myself, as well as constantly surrounding me with a group of people as passinonate about learning and cultural exchange as I have always been. China was a place where I laughed, loved ,and lived as I never had before. ... Thank you for everything CSI. I will miss you dearly."--From her personal blog
                 --Kimberly Crowley, Boston College

"I came into the Chinese Studies Institute without being able to comfortably speak with my peers or professors. Within a couple weeks of the immersion program, I quickly got over my resistance to using my language skills. From then on, I was more and more able to converse with my professors, classmates, and even strangers with much more confidence. The professors at Peking University from CSI are the most personable and intelligent professors I have had in any of the 4 languages I have studied previously. Every day was exciting and the classroom environment was very enjoyable. By the end of the program during our amazing two week study trip to various cities including Lhasa, I was able to navigate through China without hesitation. This semester has changed the way I see the world, how I converse with strangers from different cultural backgrounds, and has granted me a once in a lifetime peek into the real China. As I always said throughout the semester to my friends and teachers, Լ or "Be yourself."
                 --Owen Scarbrough, College of William and Mary

"To put into words, the CSI program is awesome, challenging, and worthwhile. Awesome, if you take advantage not noly of the opportunity to learn Chinese, but also the many opportunities to explore inside and outside of Beijing. Challenging, everyday will test and stretch you to new leverls of academic and personal growth in ways you wouldn't normally expect in a study abroad program. Worthwhile , everyone comes back from CSI with something that made the entire semester worth every penny. Whether it be new friends, business connections, language skills, or once in a lifetime experiences in China , surely one if not all of these will inspire you fondly remember your semester abroad and consider coming back. I know I have."
                 --Hannah Clouse, College of William and Mary

"The immersion program was very intense but has immensely helped me with Chinese speaking, reading, and writing. Due to the small class size of the program, most of the times I felt that I wan in one-to-one turorail. Every single teacher was so patient, energetic and willing to address my needs. Not only has the immersion program allowed me to increase my learning of Chinese, but also helped me experience Chinese culture through the study trips. Especially , the long March trip from Ruijin to Yangshou was very memoralbe."
                 --Seo Hyun Choi, University of Chicago

"My spring semester in CSI was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The non-immersion program was a great balance between learning Chinese and exploring Beijing. The teachers were wonderful and enthusiastic, and always helpful. The end-of-semester trip was also incredible, in the sense that my classmates and I could travel to places like Tibet. I had a lot of fun, improved my Chinese a lot, and grew up under CSI's program. I decided to stay on for the summer to join the language immersion program."
                 --Rory Zia, Colby College

"The language immersion path of the China Studies Institute program did for me what no other Chinese learning experience has -- it forced me to get over my anxiety about making mistakes and to just use all the Chinese I had ever learned to try to communicate my thoughts. As a result, I am drastically closer to fluent than I was the day before I started this program. The teachers are all fantastic, the perfect mix of demanding and understanding, and they really tailored their teaching to our individual skill levels, areas that needed improvement, and interests. This wasn't hard to do in such small class sizes. With only two other classmates, I got plenty of chances to speak every class period and lots of personalized from my teachers. Only in such a small setting can teachers really take the time to stop and perfect each student's pronunciation. My tones improved so much! Especially helpful were the one-on-one class and the one-on-one pronunciation session held each day. I would highly recommend this CSI program to anyone who is serious about improving their Chinese language ability."
                 --Carly O'Connell, College of William and Mary

"Words can never capture the gratitude I feel for teachers and staff of the CSI program. Upon arriving in Beijing, I was unable to communicate with Chinese people around me. During just one semester in the immersion track, my Mandarin progressed at an exponential rate. The mandated small class sizes, language pledge and dedicated teaching staff create an unparalleled learning environment that allows for progress unattainable in the United States. While the curriculum of program is difficult, CSI allowed me to grow academically and personally, so much so that I will be returning for a third academic semester. Outside of class, opportunities for learning only continue to abound. Students can interact with brilliant young minds at one of China's most prestigious universities, can attend world class performances and can visit numerous historical sites in Beijing. I will slways cherish the time that I spent at CSI."
                 --Shannon Mann,Boren Scholar, University of Richmond

"CSI made me feel right at home in China. The teachers were so fun and helpful with any problems I had. You could tell the program really cared about us and our studies, and loved teaching us. The study trip at the end of the program was also the experience of a lifetime, traveling all around China with friends and teachers I'd bonded with over the semester. The immersive environment greatly contributed to my studies, as well as helped me build friendships with all sorts of people. Thanks CSI, I now feel confident I could live in China."
                 --Henry Woodburn, College of William and Mary

" My time at the Chinese Studies Institute at Peking University was hugely rewarding. The small classroom environment, abundant opportunities for one-on-one teaching and the willingness of teachers to engage with the students allowed me not only to greatly improve my Mandarin, but it also gave me a greater understanding of modern Chinese society. I feel that my Chinese, especially formal written, has improved greatly and I am now able to discuss a wide range of advanced topics comfortably. The CSI program is fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve his or her Chinese in a fantastic setting with top-notch instructors."
                 --Grant Parks, Rice University

"The China Studies Institue differs from many typical study-abroad programs in that it tries to challenge its students intellectually as well as encourage them to have fun. Besides enjoying the many weekend activities that the program arranged for us (the Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc.), we also threw ourselves into studying Chinese. CSI's professors really engaged us, and were always willing to answer any of our questions. In my experience, I found that this sort of academic atmosphere attracted a really impressive group of students --my classmates always truly inspired me. By the end of my semester I had not only surprised myself by how much I had improved in speaking Chinese, but I had gained an invaluable understanding of history and politics from a Chinese perspective. CSI provides a great environment for students to practice their Chinese, meet new people, and explore all the wonders of life in China!"
                 --Hannah Chen, Grinnell College

"From the moment I decided to spend a semester abroad in Beijing, I started to search for the perfect program that would provide me with the most comprehensive, yet fun, semester in the capital of the People's Republic of China. Now, after spending 4 exciting months in the classroom, living the "Chinese" life in Beijing, and traveling to the far reaches of China;s border to explore its past, I can confidently say the the Chinese Studies Institute at Peking University truly was the ultimate and consummate program. Unlike many programs throughout China, CSI allows its students to fully immerse themselves within the Chinese culture, while simultaneously continuint their education through rigorous academic course offerings that are apeaheaded by experienced Chiese language teachers, as well as top economic, political, and its language, has improved exponentially. There is no other program available that can offer you the opportunity to go to both the North Korean border city of Dandong, and then head all the way weat to Lhasa, Tibet. All the while increasing your language foundation and fluency. In the future, whether after graduation or throughout a spare summer, I plan to return to CSI to continue my Chinese education."
                 --Peter Rosenbloom, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

"The immersion program has vastly improved my Chinese language skills, more so than many semester in the United States could have. It is a great opportunity for students who are truly interested in learning Chinese and it allows them to dedicate themselves to learning Chinese while also having a great time. Aside from classes and homework, teachers are great about introducing students to important aspects of Chinese culture and organizing field trips and activities. Because the class sizes are so small(my class had two students), every student gets lots of personal attention and aid on a daily basis, and the teachers are all fantastic. ..."
        --Austin Strange,Boren Scholar, College of William and Mary


Student Comments:

"After my one semester studying in CSI's immersion Chinese program, CSI has become the yardstick with which I measure other study abroad programs. After hearing about other programs from friends and attending a different study abroad program myself, I am only more certain that CSI cannot be beat. It is in an echelon of its own. Whether looking at the amount of Chinese I learned, the breadth of culture I experienced, or the depth of friendships I made, no other program can compare to a semester of immersion Chinese at CSI.
The amount of personal attention students get from teachers is unparalleled. With its locations in Beijing and at Peking University, CSI places thousands of years of history and culture at students' fingertips, brought even closer by weekend forays into the city. End-of-the-semester trips offer the opportunity to see the whole continuum of rapidly modernizing China from the rural countryside to modern cities to minority cultures. You see places and are exposed to points of view impossible when traveling by yourself. Without question, the CSI immersion program is the ideal place for students who are ready to work hard and get the most out of their study abroad experience."
                 --Dylan Kolhoff, College of William and Mary

"Gaining a Chinese perspective on rurual proverty, education, and multiethnic issues gives me a deeper and more complex grasp of waht's really going on in China. My professors encouraged debate and to interview Chinese people. The study trips are a fast-paced highlight reel of everything you want to see in China. Pandas, mountains, ehtnic minorities--it's incredible. my professors were both rigorous and patient. They worked us raw but still made class fun and engaging. My class was always laughing at each other."
                 --Yelena Varley, Grinnell College

"I was awarded the Boston College Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship while studying here and I know that my study abroad at the China Studies Institute played a role in the committees decision. By choosing China, you differentiate yourself from the traditional study abroad destinations. I think there are three things that make the China Studies Institute at Peking University different. First, you will have access to and be taught by some of the best Professors in the world. I say this from my own experience here. My art and cultural Professor Peng turned out to be one of the most famous art critics in China. He was chosen by the government to do an exhibit in Venice in summer 2011 and he has taken me on the project with him. I will be traveling with him and his China delegation to Venice!! Second, by choosing to study here you will be surrounded by incredible staff members who love what they do and do it so effortlessly. Whether you have a question about your school work, how to travel somewhere or simply need a moral support, someone in the staff team will be there to help you. Third, I will never forget the fantastic cuisine in China!! There are tons of restaurants to eat here and the price varies a lot. As I prepare to leave China, I know my time here has enhanced my education and personal growth. From my Chinese language classes, to my China-US relations seminar, the program has opened my mind to China and it culture."
                 --Angela Donkor, Boston College

"China Studies Institute was a fantastic opportunity to improve my Mandarin and experience Beijing as an insider. CSI allows you to work with incredible language teachers, who serve as guides to negotiating the complicated Chinese language. In addition to classroom learning, our professor taught us practical communication skills and took us on excursions to make sure we had plenty of opportunities to use our Mandarin. I also loved being able to take Chinese political, economic and cultural classes with other Peking University professor. My internship gave me a valuable glimpse into the Chinese business culture and allowed me to make connections in Beijing that I will certainly be able to use in my future career. I would definitely recommend China Studies Institute to anyone who is interested in improving their Mandarin and experiencing all aspects of Beijing."
                 --Anne Paisley, George Washington University

"Attending the China Studies Institute in China was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was able to learn Chinese in an intensive environment while also studying the political aspects of social change in China that interest me so much. I have had access to some of the best professors in Asia with a perspective on Chinese politics that does not show up in the New York Times. I plan to come back after I graduate and further study Chinese language with these fantastic teachers."
                 --Wendy Simon-Pearson, University of Massachusetts Amherst

"These months spent in China were a few of the best months of my college experience. I've studied in China before through the State Department Critical Language Program, and I'm very pleased with what I've gotten out of my China experience through CSI. They held my hand when requested (during trips to the doctor, or for small personal emergencies) but at the same time encouraged independence-- they created itineraries with sections of it unplanned so we could explore on our own. Throughout the semester, the program hosted activities that helped foster a good group dynamic (I loved the people here), informed us of event opportunities (great for networking in Beijing-- I met a minor government official who will hopefully mail me soccer tickets one day), gave us connections to job opportunities... I want to thank the hard working people of CSI for not only providing a comfortable, exciting China experience but for helping me to expand my career opportunities within the Beijing area. In my experience, the fact that CSI is at Beijing University gives them a lot of credit in the professional world which made finding connections in Beijing a much easier task."
                 --Mary Cunningham, Macalester College

"I loved the way it was set up. The program allowed you to really focus on each of the classes you chose and to get the chance to experience Beijing life as a local. I enjoyed the trips every other Saturday as well. It was nice to have things taken care of for you. Also, the final trip was wonderful! It was nice to choose the line that appealed most to you. I would most definitely come back and be a part of the China Studies Program!"
                 --Candace Greytak, Lake Forest College

"...The trips, classes, and mixers planned by the program were very helpful for getting us out into the field and meeting other Chinese students. Every trip we went on was structured very well to allow us time with the program and time being independent, learning for ourselves. It was great having professors and program leaders come with us to teach us along the way. The spring break trip to Chengde was a blast, and I am really glad I decided to go!..."
                 --Jill Hyman, American University

"China Studies Institute provided me with an experience to remember for years to come. What I liked about the program was having the opportunity to meet students from all over the world, travel throughout different parts of China (with the option of choosing trips catered to your interests), and having a strong support group at the office."
                 --Percy Oliver, University of Georgia

"I was in this non-immersion program at Beida last spring. First, I want to say that this program was a great experience for me. I was a Chinese major. I feel like I not only improved my Chinese but learned valuable information about Chinese culture and daily life in Beijing, things unable to be learned unless experienced in China personally. The language class was challenging, but I was proud of how much I learned by the end. My other classes (involving art, culture, and business in China) were engaging and extremely informative.
Second, I want to compliment the help of all my teachers, coordinators, and associated faculty and staff at Peking University (a.k.a. Beida). It wasn't easy to adjust at first - I knew a lot of the language and studied Chinese culture prior to arriving in Beijing, so I assumed there wouldn't be much culture shock involved. I had never been outside of North America before, and I was wrong. But within the first three or four days I wasn't nearly as homesick. With the generous help of the program faculty at Beida's History Department, my experience soon turned into a great one that I wouldn't ever take back.
My point here (for all you future participants who have never been to the PRC before) is that any new place takes a little time to get used to. If that place is China, there's no better place to be than at Peking University! Your professors and all teachers involved in the program will make sure you have what you need and go out of their way to listen, help, arrange fun activities, get you settled on campus, and answer questions. I would highly recommend the China Studies Institute study abroad program at Beida!"
                 --Laura Scott, University of Binghamton

"Before studying in China, I would have never believed that I could actually learn Mandarin. Learning languages has never really been a strong skill of mine, and I never thought of it as a captivating area of study. After participating in the China Studies Institute, my entire outlook has changed. A motivational environment and a supportive team helped transform my entire view of learning Mandarin, and because of individuals like Li Laoshi I was able to push myself to a level of learning that I never knew existed while also having a good time! I plan on continuing my Mandarin studies when I return back to American University. I have had an amazing experience during the last four months that I have spent in China, and I can say that I am not scared or nervous about my future academic endeavors with Mandarin. Instead, I am confident because I know this program has fully prepared me for what I have ahead of me."
                 --Brittany Horowitz, American University

"Being a part of the Chinese Studies Institute was like nothing else Id ever experienced. I came to China expecting to have to fend for myself in a land where I barely knew the language or culture. Instead, I wound up finding a home. The teachers were always supportive of my efforts to learn both in and out of the classroom. It was never an uncommon experience to walk into the office with a problem and have it solved almost immediately. If I needed help beyond office hours, a friendly voice was always a phone call away. But more often than not, the focus of my interaction with the program was not studying or problem-solving - it was building memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it was riding the Beijing subway for the first time, climbing the Great Wall, participating in discussions on campus, or making plans to travel solo, the Chinese Studies Institute was there every step of the way and gave me every possible opportunity to make the best of my experience in China."
                 --Tysha Llewellyn, SUNY-Brockport

"The China Studies Institute at Beijing University is a fantastic program, comprising of some of China's top professors in all fields of study. I learned more about myself, China, and the Chinese language in the semester I spent in Beijing than I have at any point in my life and I can say with absolute certainty that it was the best three months of my college experience. The program staff are exceptionally qualified; they acted not only as teachers and mentors but as friends along the way. Furthermore, Beijing University is such a wonderful place to be able to spend so much time. It's quite, safe, and academically stimulating, while the surrounding areas are full of life and fun places to go. I've always had a special interest in China but my experience in Beijing was exceptionally positive and I would suggest this program to anyone and everyone. You really don't need to have any Chinese experience, but regardless of your level, you will be placed in a small class with a wonderful teacher. I don't know how they do it, but China Studies Institute really manages to provide the best possible study abroad experience with the perfect balance of in school and extracurricular; the post semester trip is also a FANTASTIC way to learn even more about China while traveling around the country. Simply put, don't think about it, after spending two semesters in China (one with China Studies Institute and one with a major international organization) there's no question who's program I'd recommend. Enjoy your trip to China, and don't think twice about this amazing opportunity!"
                 --Steve Goldberg, Emory University

" I am convinced that studying at Beijing University through Chinese Studies Institute for my junior year will continually prove to be one of the defining decisions of my life. I cannot stress enough what an amazing experience I had. The two semesters I stayed in Beijing were very different, but equally great. The first semester, I took Chinese language classes paired with area studies courses and an internship. I learned so much, but also had a blast doing it! The other wonderful aspect of this particular program is that it sets up various weekend trips to the must see areas of Beijing throughout the semester topping it all off at the end of the semester with a two week study tour around China. Staying for two semesters, I went on two study tours and they were some of the best times of my life. My second semester, I did the Chinese immersion program. I was nervous about total immersion, but I am so glad that I did it. I encourage anyone who wants to improve their Chinese to take the plunge. My four teachers in immersion made every day fun and I consider them not only as teachers, but as friends and people that I am honored to have met. During the 8 months that I was in this program, I made life long friends, learned so much about modern and ancient China, drastically improved my Chinese skills, and had the time of my life while doing it. I would recommend this program to anyone."
                 -- Joanna Stack, Knox College

"While in Beijing I was working with The Economist Group as well as taking a course in Sino-U.S. relations at Peking University through the China Studies Institute. My work with the Economist Corporate Network was a great introduction to the corporate world of networking and professional communication. My boss was a master of multi-tasking and seeing the forest for the trees, so to speak. We worked on organizing large conferences and connecting CEOs with the right people and information to advance their goals. I am so thankful to the staff of the China Studies Institute for providing an experience that encouraged me to take a reflective look at my own personal and professional capabilities and shortcomings. Undoubtedly I will take both the victories and the failures of the experience and emerge as more polished, competent professional."
                 --Holly MacFarland, a graduate student from University of Denver

"Studying abroad at Beida was an amazing experience. All of the teachers were amazing, especially you Joyce. China is similar in many ways to America, but yet also drastically different.It was an eye opening experience to indulge myself into another culture for a sustained period of time. Having never traveled outside of the United States before this, I am happy that I chose China for my first international destination of many to come. Thank you for helping to create a great semester abroad."
                 --Peter Toporzycki, Boston College

"The Beijing Program of Asian Studies has more than exceeded my expectations. For a study abroad experience, I couldnt ask for more. This program was designed to suit both cultural immersion and Chinese language study. Beijing is an increasingly modern city that is also rich with history and traditiontheres no other place like it! Theres always something new to experience and if it isnt already on the itinerary, all you have to do is ask. Dr. Sun and Dr. Li are fantastic program directors who have created a curriculum and program that truly enables students to see and actually experience all that China has to offer. I believe the flexibility of the program is one of its greatest strengths, it allows students to take advantage of whatever it is they chose to explore and venture as far out form their comfort zones as they like. The two week travel trip around China is an unforgettable experience that allows you to witness and discover first hand the rapid economic growth and changing environment of the nation."
                 --Winnie Ho, University of Michigan

"My semester in Beijing was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I had the opportunity to learn about something out of my area of study while experiencing it first hand. The Beijing Program of Asian Studies is unique to other programs in its organized trips all over China. Not only did I get to see Beijing in and out, but almost every major famous site in China, including the Patola Palace in Tibet. The internship aspect of the program also gave me an opportunity to have some first hand work experience in a major foreign city. The cost of the program is very reasonable considering all that is included, as well as compared to other study abroad programs. I would recommend the Beijing Program of Asian Studies to anyone interested in studying in China. It was an amazing learning experience that I will never forget."
                 --Susan Staley, University of Virginia

Everything about this program was great. Dr Sun and Dr Li were extremely helpful and welcoming, everything was very well planned and organized, classes were interesting and beneficial but not overwhelming so as to give us ample time to explore and experience Beijing and China, while our hotel-styled accommodation was surprisingly comfortable. The best part of the program must be the amazing 2 week trip at the end which was easily the most exciting and memorable vacation of my life. China turned out to be such a wild, diverse and exciting place for us that our entire experience on this program was like one long, amazing adventure. Dr Sun and Dr Li have done a fantastic job building up this program and I had such a great time that I only wish it lasted even longer.
                 --Ian Lim, College of William and Mary

"I came to China both to learn about the Chinese culture and society. During this semester i have truly seen many different sides of "the modern China". All of my professors were amazing and really highlighted some touchy issues about Chinas opportunities and problems. All the hikes and activities included in the program are carefully selected to complement the experiences from Beijing. To summarize I cant believe how much I learn both in class outside the classrooms in only 4 months."
                 --Pierre Lindstrom, IHM Business School, Sweden

"I had an absolute blast living in Beijing, and traveling throughout China with this program. My time there taught me more about the Chinese culture in three and a half months than I ever could have imagined. I made life-long friends not only with the students whom I traveled and lived with, but also with 'language partners' that I met at Beijing University. I would love to go back, and I plan on doing so sometime in the near future. I get really excited when people express interest in going abroad in that region, and I have recommended the Beijing Program of Asian Studies to anyone interested in studying in China."
                 -- Jenny Purser, College of William and Mary

"The American University program in Beijing far surpassed my expectations. The bustling city and beautiful campus proved to be a wonderful introduction to China. Classes were enlightening and the opportunity for an internship gave me a good sense of what it would be like to live and work in Beijing. The program directors were extremely receptive and worked hard to accomodate individual requests. I've found that the knowledge and relationships you find through this program will be valuable long after the semester ends."
                 --Jon Tsentas, Johns Hopkins University

"In the seven weeks that I spent with the Beijing Program at Peking University, I had a chance to discover what an opportunity I had missed with not initially registering with Dr. Sun's program. Simply put, I was impressed. Imagine taking the best professors from Rice, making them native Chinese but with thirty years of English writing and speaking experience and that's what I got with the professors jointly in the employ of the Beijing Program and Peking University. It was as if I had managed to find all of the best teachers and be in China at the same time. They are very articulate with their views, and they aren't afraid to express them.

Besides the availability of a wide selection of area studies classes (from Chinese rural economy to modern marketing strategies), the Beijing Program also secures internships for its participants. The Beijing Program's internships are with real companies and organizations in fields that interest the students. For example, there was an American University student interested in teaching and sociology, so her internship was with a school that teaches the children of migrant laborers. On the other end of the spectrum, there was a student interested in political science and journalism, so his internship was with the CNN bureau in Beijing."
                 --Shelby Joe, Rice University

"The Beijing Program was a terrific experience.  It provided the perfect mix of classes, activities, opportunities and travel to understand China and Chinese culture.  The program helped me understand a world much bigger than my own and provided unparalleled experiences.  The academics furthered the several activities outside the classroom that helped us understand the world's fastest growing power, the internships provided valuable work experience at leading companies, and the travel was an amazing chance to see the entire country.  The program faculty and staff were always helpful and engaging, and understood students' needs.  The relationships the program helped facilitate were terrific and will benefit me long after leaving Beijing."
                 --Jorie Soskin, Boston College

"Last semester was easily the best months of my life. Though the classes were very interesting, they allotted plenty of time for me to explore the city and really experience China. I have friends that went on other programs and they were often too busy doing work to enjoy themselves. My favorite part of the program - by far - was the trips. I want to go back to so many places, particularly Yanshuo and Guilin - those places were beautiful. I enjoyed Beijing so much, though, that I will be back in 2008, to live, study Chinese (hopefully at BeiDA), and watch the Olympics."
                 --Justin Hrabec, University of Virginia

"Studying with the Beijing Program of Asian Studies was a wonderful experience. In only six weeks, I was able to tour extensively throughout the country and learn more Chinese than I ever thought possible. The professors and teachers were extremely well-qualified and worked tirelessly to assure that every student got the most from their experience. I highly recommend the program to any student interested in mastering the Chinese language learning more about Chinese culture, history, and politics."
                 -- Paul Mezan, University of Michigan

American University's Beijing Program of Asian Studies far surpassed my expectations of a college study abroad program.  I have studied Chinese for eight years (one in China with a host family) and this program provides language class that rivals living with a host family.  The program's economics and finance classes are centered around China and this gives students a great, in depth view at how the Chinese economy worked before Deng Xiaoping, how it works now, and what China's place is in the global economy.  All in all this is a great program that has deepened my understanding of China.
Maximilian Dunn, Kenyon College

"I could not have asked/hoped for a better abroad experience. Not only is China an amazing place, but now more than ever it is even more special because of the history it is writing every day; experiencing that was invaluable. The Beijing Program of Asian Studies more specifically is the best program for an overall experience: the faculty are great, the directors bend over backwards for the students, and the group trips are incredible."
                 --Alexander C. Gundry, Connecticut College

"The Beijing Program of Asian Studies was exactly the type of program I was looking for.  I felt the programs greatest strength was the large number of diverse opportunities available for students.  With language classes, academic classes, internships and travelling there was something for everyone.  While some people spent extra time at internships gaining work experience in China, others exclusively focused on their language classes.  The program travelled together on a regular basis, but there was also time to travel independently.  Many of us travelled every weekend in small groups to locations of our own choosing. Dr. Sun and Dr. Li were always extremely helpful in assisting each student fulfill their individual objectives. They fostered a flexibility for students that I feel most programs would not have offered.  I would also recommend that anyone considering the fall program in Beijing should also consider the summer immersion program.  Classes were composed of only  2-4 students and the extensive time spent travelling with teachers made learning Chinese much easier.  I made the decision to attend the summer program only weeks before it started and it ended up being a very smart choice."
                 --Mike Kiselycznyk, a graduate student from University of Denver

"The Spring program was the most wonderful experience I had in college. Having the opportunity to study at Beida and be taught by some of China's best professors was an invaluable opportunity. I made some of the closest friends of my life during this program. Also, the amount of free time this program afforded me to explore the city on my own was SUCH an asset! I'd say that the best part of the program was the exposure we got by travelling the country for the last two weeks of the semester. That was amazing! Seeing the different cultures throughout the different regions of China was so insightful; it made it easier for me to compare the similarities in the regional differences between China and the US. Being able to see the country as a whole gave me a totally different perspective of the culture."
                 --Jessica Lee, University of South Carolina

"The administrators and teachers are a blast. They are responsive, understanding, and FUN. Forget polished cities and dull countries for a study abroad. Base yourself in Beijing and travel around China to discover a country rising from the earth. It was my most memorable and teaching semester of college."
                 --Joshua Horowitz, American University

"My experience in the Beijing Program transformed me. Interning with a UN agency; forming amazing friendships with students from the Program and from Beida; traveling all over China, including Tibet; running in the Beijing International Marathon with great friends...I learned so much about myself from my experience, and I can't speak highly enough of the Beijing Program. I encourage anyone who is interested in China, with or without language background to take part in this incredible opportunity."
                 --Julia Tyack, Whittier College

"Thanks for a fantastic semester! I so much enjoyed myself and I really appreciate all the you Dr. Li and Joyce do to create and maintain such a wonderful program. Here's a comment for the website: The Beijing Program of Asian studies is a great balance of top-notch academics, real world work experience, and an excellent language program. These three aspects were further enhanced by the trips that give you the tremendous opportunity to see what seems like all of China! My semester in China was highly rewarding and what I've gained from it will prove to be indispensible in my future studies and career endevours."
                 --Becky Murphy, Gordon College

"I am currently studying international finance at the Kogod School of Business of American University. I chose to study abroad in China because of its reputation as one of the worlds leading economies and I chose Peking University because of its reputation as the best school in the country. The dedicated faculty, the comfortable dormitories, and the friendly community made me feel welcome, safe, and motivated. I feel privileged to have come into contact with one of the finest histories, customs, and societies of our world. I enjoyed absorbing the fascinating material taught in the classes. I explored the infinite facets of breathtaking Beijing. I experienced the amazing Chinese culture with its lovely people and delicious food. In one occasion, thanks to the program director Dr. Sun, I met with the Assistant to the Chinese Minister of Finance; in another occasion, thanks again to Dr. Sun, I visited UnionPays headquarters and their control room that monitors every financial transaction in the country. I set off to China wanting to learn about business and I did, but I also learned so much more. Thank Dr. Sun and Dr. Li for giving me a chance to be part of the Beijing Institute of Asian Studies of Peking University. It truly exceeded my expectations. I will forever cherish the knowledge and memories you gifted me, looking forward to the happy day that I return to China."
                 --Alessandro Londi, American University

"A semester in Beijing has changed me a lot in various ways. It was amazing that we have such great staff and faculty members available for us. We have experienced not only college life in Peking University but also a taste of what it is supposed to be like being a person in a place where everything is changing. I am so thankful that I have become part of the excitment that the nation is going through these days. I stronlgy recomment this program to those who would like to witness China in depth."  
                 --Josh Kim, Gordon College

"The program is really top-notch.  I will let everybody at Linfield know that it's a great program and the students who are going to Beijing are really looking forward to it."
                 --Stephen Will, Linfield College

"The Beijing Program of Asian Studies is such a rewarding program because it was the only time I actually enjoyed my courses. Truthfully, it was the best semester of my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. The Beijing program completely blew my previous travel experiences out of the water - from bartering in Tibet, renting bicycles in beautiful Guilin, to viewing the giant pandas in Chengdu. My short time in China was surely the best in my life! I cannot stress the once-in-a-lifetime opportunites offered by Dr. Sun and Dr. Li. I learned more about humanity than I had ever thought possible."
                 -- Will Smith, Boston College

"Having previously studied abroad in two European countries, I can say with confidence that the Beijing Program of Asian Studies (BPAS) is the best study abroad program and experience that I have encountered to date. Studying abroad with BPAS was an extremely rewarding and challenging experience, physically, mentally, and academically. While it may look easy, climbing to the top of the Great Wall is no easy feat - that is, unless you are a true tourist and take the gondola - and living in Beijing is a truly amazing experience. Few cities in the world offer such a dearth of fascinating history and dizzying modernity and simply taking it all in is an experience in its own right. Moreover, the academic programs and professors I had in Beijing are second to none - sure, one can read about the CCP in textbooks, but hearing about it from a card-carrying professor at Peking University is an entirely different experience. In addition, the program's on site directors, Dr. Youli Sun and Dr. Hong li, are two of the most helpful and hardworking people in China (and that's saying something) - anytime I had a problem, concern, question they were there to help. They also seem to have important guanxi connections across that were invaluable to me personally and to the group as a whole. Not to mention, the program throws together a whirlwind of a China tour - traipsing from Beijing to Tibet and back in a matter of weeks. As an avid opponent of organized trips, even I was happy with the way the trip went. And, most importantly, for any connoisseur, the food in Beijing is second to none and the prices are unbeatable. The BPAS is a truly unique study abroad program in a truly unique city and I recommend it to anyone. "
                 -- Nick Houshower, American University

"I had wanted to attend the Beijing Program of Asian Studies for as long as I wanted to study abroad. As a heritage speaker, I looked for a program that could accommodate my unique needs. I remember searching hours on the internet for a program that suited my academic, extracurricular, and language needs. After hours of searching, I finally found the Beijing Program of Asian Studies. The program was everything I hoped it would be and exceeded all of my expectations. I want to thank Dr. Sun, Dr. Li, and Xiao Li, for making my Beijing experience unforgettable."
                 -- Kelvin Sun, Pomona College

"I feel that overall the program is very well organized. I studied with another program in London and it was much less so with even more staff. It does help that you know everyone and that we were on a university campus.

I don't completely like the idea of some people living off campus (even though only a few people chose to do so). Though the apartments were great and close it was a disadvantage to the group as a whole to have some people disconnected. I know this would be a huge task but I think that if it was possible it'd be great to have everyone in apartments. I heard that they were cheaper and it would give the feeling of much more freedom and like we were actually living in China. I know that is pretty unrealistic but if possible I think it'd be great.
The classes. I think the classes are a good mixture of in class lectures and out of class work. I loved my Chinese class. I really wish that there had been some kind of requirement to have known some Chinese before coming though. ... I was in the beginners class and I know almost everyone said they wish they had learned some Chinese before they came.

The two week trip was amazing. In the other program I was on they arranged little to no traveling for us because we were in a country that we could speak the language. Though the two weeks are hard and long it's well worth it. I do think that if possible it'd be a better idea to take buses or trains instead of airplanes because of the waiting that is involved with airplanes and their delays that seemed to be common. For the trip to Lhasa I think it'd be a much better idea to take a train because I think less people will get sick that way.

Again overall this was a much better planned program than the last one I had been on and I learned so much about the culture and history of China. I will recommend this program for anyone that is interested in study abroad because this is a real learning experience as well as an amazing time."
                 -- Kristine Miller, American University

"The Beijing Program was a tremendous experience I will not soon forget. For an introduction to the culture, or for more advanced study, this program has it all. The language teachers are the best I've ever learned from. The staff is willing to go out of their way to 'make it happen,' whether it's an internship at a top company, a research project or Kung Fu lessons. Plus, the whirlwind tour through China at the end of the semester is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (I vividly remember our last night in Lhasa, Tibet when hundreds of Buddhist pilgrims and monks knelt in prayer just as the sun dipped below the Himalayan mountains!) I highly recommend it!"
                 -- Patrick B, American University

"The program was a true success and I did honestly have an amazing time with AU-Beijing.

The Beijing Enclave offers amazing opportunities in an amazing country at an crucial point in the nation's history. The environment and support are superlative. The professors are top-rate and the learning opportunities are boundless. The AU Abroad program in Beijing was a unique, thrilling, and remarkable experience, and one that I'll never forget. It is a perfect combination of travel, study, cultural appreciation, and adventure."
                 -- Jon Rechtman, American University

"The thought of studying abroad in Beijing was overwhelming at first but the three months that I spent there have proved to be an experience of a lifetime. The professors of the program had so much to teach and there was also a lot to learn outside of the classroom. Being in Beijing opened my eyes to a totally different culture and gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual. If I had to sum up the experience in one word it would be 'amazing!' Thank you Dr. Li and Dr. Sun for a wonderful semester, and I can't forget the awesome kids who made up the Spring 2006 semester of the Beijing Program of Asian Studies!"
                 --Andrea Leong, Whittier College

"Thanks again Dr. Sun for a fantastic semester I will never forget! I have been telling stories to my folks all day. Here is my internship reflection, I had fun writing it... Thanks again for contacting Lehman and setting it up for us! I had a blast."
                 --Audra White, American University

"I went to China not expecting very much and had the best three and a half months of my life. Everyday in China was a brand new adventure. I can't explain how much I grew as a person, it was a life changing experience. The program was so well put together, by the end of the experience I felt like Dr. Li and Dr. Sun were my parents. Pretty much the whole experience was overwhelmingly positive. I had so many good experiences like the 2 week trip around China, my excursion to inner mongolia, trips to the silk market or any other market for that matter, and eating at every restaurant especially the Medicine House. I have to say my favorite experience had to be my internship. I got to hang out with people that taught me how to play Chinese games and answered all my questions about China. They helped me to see a lot of China than I ever expected. My suggestion would be to live everyday in China to the fullest experience and do everything you possibly can no matter what the price. Live it up!!"
                 --Stephanie Gorski, American University

(Letter to all fellow program participants) "As we are all getting settled into our new semester, our last semester for some of us, I just wanted to let ya'll know the previous 4 months were probably the best 4 months of my collegiate career, if not the best 4 months of my life. There are some moments we had together I will never forget. Other moments ya'll won't let me forget. I don't know how the rest of ya'll are feeling, but I'm getting the 'China itch.' ......... I want to thank ya'll for everything. Thank You. For Everything. I also want to thank Dr. Sun and Dr. Li for everything. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have a Visa, and I would be lost somewhere between Xi'an, Beijing, and Cheng Du. If I don't see you guys again hopefully I will read about many of you in the newspaper hittin' it big. Until then, good luck. And for those of you who were there, we will always have YangShuo."
                 --Greg Hamlin, Emory and Henry College

"Studying here in Beijing has been one of the best experiences in my college career thus far! As a junior I feel that this is the most opportune to travel abroad and take advantage of the many opportunities we students have. I chose the Beijing Program for several reasons. The program offers a broad selection of classes beyond Chinese language which are taught by professors here. At Beida, however in English. The program also offers a wonderful opportunity for internships here in Beijing which I think is a wonderful idea. They are very accommodating in offering jobs that meet your own personal interests. The program definitely feels cultural immersion is just as valuable as the academic portion of being in China and I have to agree. The program also organizes many trips and provides the means to visit important and interesting cultural sites. Overall my experience in Beijing has been incredible and one that I will always cherish. The group of students here is amazing and I think we have all fully enjoyed our stay and are sad its coming to end so quickly. I will miss the program and people!"
                 --Andrys Malone, Connecticut College

"Great country, great people, great professors; this was my dream abroad semester. Being in one of the world's fastest growing economies was quite an experience of a lifetime. Not only was I given the opportunity to take snapshots of historical relics like the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Soldiers, but I was also able to take snapshots of history in the making as I witnessed my own school, Peking University, host a plethora of International figures such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and the CEO of Dell, Kevin Rollins, gave their respective speeches on Peking University's beautiful campus. All these snapshots came with insightful captions as the brightest professors and internship managers gave their enlightening comments on China's position in the globalizing world. This cultural experience has become a highlighted chapter of my life!"
                 --Reggie Lau, American University

"The American University Beijing Program gives students enumerable opportunities for exposure to local people. From internships in the Beijing business world to schooling among the best and brightest of China at Peking University, the program really allows for complete cultural immersion."
                 --Arthur Pang, American University

"The trip to Tibet and around China was simply mind-blowing. It was the most entertaining and eye-opening experience I have ever experienced in my life so far. I have experienced many things during my 25years compare to many others my age or younger, but this study abroad in China program was definitely unexpected but wonderful."
                 --Isaac Kwak, Lake Forest College

"Looking back on my abroad experience, while it is very fresh on my mind and at the same time seems so distant and surreal, I can only partly realize what a huge thing I have just experienced. I remember the first day of the program- walking into a room, my eyes meeting those of fellow students just as adventurous and anxious as me, feeling an overwhelming sense of excitement for what was to come. We built amazing relationships and just a few weeks into the semester I felt like I had known them for years.We went through everything together this semester, from climbing the Great Wall to wandering the hutongs of Beijing to bargaining with shop vendors to traveling China for two weeks after classes were over. This semester was nothing short of incredible and there's no where in the world I'd have rather spent those three months of my life."
                 --Suzanne Reid, American University

"I can say that this is my fifth attempt to write a comment about the program now. For some reason, a litany of clichs like 'best experience of my life' and 'amazing classes' seemingly fell short of providing a just description. Yet, I guess there is little more to say because these simple statements are the most accurate. It has been 3 months since I have left Beijing. My friends and I revel in our memories of Beijing even now. Go to study at China's best university, to intern at a Chinese consulting firm, to climb the ruins of the Great Wall, to go on an amazing adventure with amazing people. Simply, please go to China, go to Beijing, and do so through Dr. Sun's Beijing Program of Asian Studies. I really do not believe I can make a more sincere and candid suggestion than that. No words can truly encapsulate my experience in China and there is nowhere else I would have rather spent those months as a college junior."
                 --Daniel Li, Boston College

"I would definitely recommend students to take advantage of the excellent internship opportunities the Beijing program has to offer. Not only will you learn about the business of which you will be interning at, but will also better learn about the subtleties Chinese culture, the intricacies of the Chinese business environment, and how the Chinese think. All of which are critical to a complete educational experience and are essential for someone to learn who is hoping to do business in China in the future. Plus, it is a great way to explore the city of Beijing, learn the culture, meet great people, and establish contacts/connections in China."
                 --Alex Hu-kuebelbeck, American University

"The Beijing Study Abroad Program is phenomenal beyond words. I was given the opportunity to explore the depths of China, from the Potala Palace in Tibet to the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, and various sites in between. I participated in an enriching internship in the field of Journalism and gained practical work experience. The students that decide to venture to China are adventurous, energetic, and extremely outgoing. I would recommend the Beijing program to anyone interested in venturing on a remarkable semester abroad!"
                 --Suzanne Smith, American University

"The Beijing Program is an excellent experience for any student interested in the study of Asia. China will play a central role in the 21st century and the Beijing Program allows students to deeply enhance their understanding of China."
                 --Rich Gould, University of Denver

"You have the opportunity to go to China and I cannot imagine a good excuse not to go. You will simultaneously fall in love with your fellow adventurers in the program (because you are all that breed that wants to 'rough it' in China while taking advantage of the exchange rate), the beauty and age of China, the cab drivers and on campus waitresses who kindly correct your sentence structure and tones, Asian children, trips you (and your family) never thought you would take, great program directors, and the life you create for yourself studying abroad."
                 --Jenna Brigg, American University

"There are not many times in your life when you can stop, look around, and realize the enormity of what you are doing. The Beijing Study abroad program is three months worth of those moments. Whether you are learning Chinese from a native speaker or exploring the countryside on your own, there is a specialness to studying in China. On the whole people are friendly and enjoy conversing with foreigners in Chinese - regardless of how bad your Chinese is. The classes are dynamic and use their surroundings to reinforce what you are learning. One of the special parts of this particular program is the travel portion. The heads of the program, Dr. Sun and Dr. Li, work hard to make sure the students are able to travel anywhere they want. This component allows flexibility to create your own China experience. I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to immerse themselves in a different culture and truly experience it."
                 --Kimberly Hudson, American University

"Traveling to China was not something I ever pictured myself doing, much less studying there. I can't express how valuable a learning and growing experience my time in China was. My experience in China was as dynamic as the country itself and my world perspective was given another dimension from this enriching journey. The experience was rivaled in quality only by the program staff. If you want to be challenged by academically and, more so, personally, then the Beijing Program at Peking University is a wise decision."
                 --Thomas Kirby, American University

"I absolutely loved my semester in China through Beijing Program of East Asian Studies. I stepped off the plane, never having been to China before, blown away. It will be an experience I will never forget. We were given the freedom to travel and explore Beijing and China as we pleased,and yet, it was structured enough that I didn't think I would get lost. Granted, I entered the country with 2 years of Chinese language classes under my belt, but I was able to learn so much just by simple conversations with cab drivers. The program also offered multiple classes that were top quality. In my Chinese Art and Culture class, we were able to go to famous artists' houses where they painted for us! I really enjoyed my time in China. I was able to experience much more than the class room. I was able to experience the Chinese culture first hand. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who wants the experience of China to last a lifetime. I had a wonderful time and would do it again if I could."
                 --Felipe Estrala, Connecticut College

"Ever since I took elementary Chinese during my freshman year at AU, I knew that I wanted to study abroad in the Beijing Program. My semester in Beijing turned out to be everything it promised and a whole lot more. Beijing happens to be my favorite city in China -- it's a city filled with culture, history, modernity and nightlife. It was truly the experience of a lifetime. Not only we were given the opportunities to take classes beyond Chinese language and gain practical work experience through internships, but we also on a daily basis, took in sights like Tiananmen Square and visited many other historically significant places. Program director, Dr. Sun and assistant, Dr. Li have been an incredible asset to making my time in Beijing as wonderful as it was. This was by far my favorite semester of my college career and I cannot imagine another place in the world where I would have rather spent my time abroad."
                 --Alicia Griffin, American University

"The Beijing Program is one of complete immersion; from living to learning, from traveling to taking exams, it is very clear that you're in a different world - thankfully, you're in great hands. Language classes do an incredible job of taking the real-world experiences and translating them into meaningful skills for the future. From taking
midnight train rides to ferrying across Hong Kong harbor, the program is designed to fit every major possible and create opportunities for adventure at every turn. The directors are incredibly helpful in anything you would want to do and their experience and knowledge are unparalleled in my experience. The knowledge available is unlike anything possible in the U.S., and Peking University is the best institution at which to study in China."
                 --David Klasen, American University

"Before signing on to this program I had taken classes about both the history and language of China, but had never had any contact with the culture. It was for this exact reason that I chose The Beijing Program of Asian Studies. It offered a perfect mixture of language and travel. I have always felt the best way to experience a new culture is to immerse yourself in it and travel within that culture. As it ended up, this was the best experience of my college years. I learned more about China than I could have ever dreamed of reading in a text book. Every day I learned something new, and was able to use it only moments later walking down the street. I could not have asked for a more well-rounded program full of incredible people. The administrators were always approachable and willing to help, becoming more than teachers, becoming friends. To cap it all off, was the 2-week travel trip. Never in my traveling history have I had such an amazing experience. As a group we were able to see parts of China I never thought I would lay eyes on, trying food I had only heard about. If I had one word to describe my experience in China it would be 'Amazing'. Thank you all at the Beijing Program for providing me with such an incredible experience. It truly was the semester of a lifetime."
                 --Dylan F. Matzinger, Connecticut College

"My experience in China opened my eyes to a culture completely different from anything I have ever known. My time abroad allowed me to grow in many ways as I explored new ways of thinking about politics, economics, and humanity. I made many lifelong friends as we shared and explored the wonders of Chinese culture. The instructors and directors involved in this program are amazing. I was scared about learning the language and being in a place so foreign but they were there every step of the way. I had a rewarding internship that let me have insight into another part of Chinese life. We got to travel all around the region and experience things I will never forget. As China becomes an emerging world leader I hear about China more and more in my classes and in the news. I get so excited as I recall the incredible time I spent in the country and feel a special connection because of all that I learned. I cannot wait to go back!"
                 --Lacey Rosenbaum, American University

"My experience within the Beijing Program of Asian studies was more then just a typical "study abroad" program. It was a life changing adventure that combined academics with travel, amazing professors with eager students and accomplishments mixed with reflections. I gained more perspective on what I want to do with my life in China then during any other semester in school and I enthusiastically recommend this program to any student who wants to experience first hand all of the changes, information and excitement that China has to showcase. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life."
                 --Heidi Hedge, Point Loma University

"I enjoyed almost every minute of my time in China. The program is run by great people! In the class rooms and on the trips I found myself immersed in culture that was both interesting and exciting. I also made wonderful friends in and out of the program. Seeing the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square were experiences I knew I would never forget. Now, looking back, I know the everyday interaction with the people and places of China is what really makes the program excellent. It has enhanced my perspective on the world and myself. I wouldn't trade my time in the China for the world."
                 --Ryan Crain, American University

"The Beijing Program is a great way to meet new people, learn about a different culture, and explore China. It has provided me with a unique experience and has allowed to me to see a side of China I have never seen. The program itself offers a wide variety of classes to take and offers students the opportunity to further experience China by doing an internship. I feel that these internship opportunities not only let the student meet other Chinese people, but also the students can compare and contrast the work styles and attitudes of Chinese and American workers. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in China. The opportunities for personal as well as academic growth are endless. The traveling the program did was the best part of the whole experience. Traveling to Tibet was something that I will always remember and look back on with fond memories. Thank you Drs. Sun and Li for giving us a great semester and helping us in all our endeavors in China."
                 --Lindsay Ross, Lake Forest College

"Choice is certainly the biggest advantage of this program. I could choose between three levels of intensive Chinese classes. I could choose if I wanted to live in a hotel on campus, an apartment provided by the campus, or look for my own place. Most importantly, I was offered these choices without compromising on quality."
                 --Aayush Sakya, Lake Forest College

"The four months I spent in China with Dr. Sun's program will forever influence the way I live the rest of my life. From my first contact with the program until now, nearly a year after my term of study ended, Dr. Sun and his assistant, Dr. Li, have provided nonstop guidance in discovering how to live in what once was an exotic and mysterious place. After my first stay in China with Dr. Sun, five months later I returned to China and am still here studying Chinese and teaching English, maintaining close contact with Dr. Sun and Dr. Li. While studying at Peking University I established the foundation of my knowledge of the Chinese language; created lasting friendships with Chinese; and developed the confidence to travel, work, study, and live in China. Less than two years ago, China was little more than just another ink blot on the map. Now it is an integral aspect of my life as my future study and career plans unfold around my growing knowledge of the region. Without Dr. Sun and Dr. Li opening up the door to China for me, I would never have found the path I am currently treading."
                 --Luke M. Dodds, American University

"The Beijing Program within AU is a phenomenal program. I was amazed at how well my experience in China went because of this program. The multiple trips coupled with the great classes provided a wonderful balance in understanding and the Chinese culture. It was an amazing experience and one that I would recommend to anyone and everyone who has the opportunity to study in China. You cannot go wrong with AU's Beijing Program, especially with Dr. Sun and Prof. Hong Li."
                 --Ron Mona, Point Loma University

"The program, trips, internship, speakers and classes were all wonderful. What I remember most about China was the feeling of constantly being surprised, of never knowing what was going to happen next, and of complete fascination. If you want to study history and the past then go to Europe. If you are interested in developing nations then go to South America or Africa. If you want to study civilization conflicts go to the Middle East. But if you want to stand in a place where every day history is being made, then go to China. I slept on the Great Wall, visited Tiananmen Square, rode horses in the countryside with the company employees from my internship, explored the world's most fascinating city - Hong Kong, and discussed the US Presidential election on national television, all during my semester in China. When you study in China you will find your travels take you to far away places, and you learn far more than books could ever show you."
                 --Eric Morley, American University

"My decision to study abroad with the Beijing Program was the best decision of my life. It changed forever the future course of my life, as I was able to - for the first time - fully immerse myself in a different culture, a different perspective, and a different way of approaching the world. The knowledge I gained, the relationships I made, and the wonderment that fever imprinted itself on my psyche changed who I was: making me a richer individual in the process. Now, planning out my graduate studies and a teaching career in China - it is hard to imagine my life being any other way."
             --Steven Bielinski, American University


Comments on Summer Language Program

"Words can never capture the gratitude I feel for teachers and staff of the CSI program. Upon arriving in Beijing, I was unable to communicate with Chinese people around me. During just one semester in the immersion track, my Mandarin progressed at an exponential rate. The mandated small class sizes, language pledge and dedicated teaching staff create an unparalleled learning environment that allows for progress unattainable in the United States. While the curriculum of program is difficult, CSI allowed me to grow academically and personally, so much so that I will be returning for a third academic semester. Outside of class, opportunities for learning only continue to abound. Students can interact with brilliant young minds at one of Chinas most prestigious universities, can attend world class performances and can visit numerous historical sites in Beijing. I will always cherish the time that I spent at CSI. "
                 --Shannon Mann, University of Richmond

"The immersion program was very intense but has immensely helped me with Chinese speaking, reading, and writing. Due to the small class size of the program, most of the times I felt that I was in one-to-one tutorial. Every single teacher was so patient, energetic and willing to address my needs. Not only has the immersion program allowed me to increase my learning of Chinese, but also helped me experience Chinese culture through the study trips. Especially, the Long March trip from Ruijin to Yangshuo was very memorable. "
                 --Seo Hyun Choi, University of Chicago

"Studying at CSIs immersion program was an incredible opportunity for me. I was simultaneously immersed in both the Chinese language and in the atmosphere of Chinas most revered university. The small class sizes allowed me to receive the individualized attention that I needed to really improve my language level. The Chinese language teachers were skilled and dedicated to helping each student improve and tailored their classes to focus on the areas where we needed the most help. Living in apartments with a Chinese teacher or a home-stay gave us further opportunity to improve our language skills. I do not regret a minute of the time that I spent at CSI. While the program was certainly rigorous the process allowed me to progress beyond my expectations. I would wholeheartedly recommend CSI to any dedicated student looking to improve their Mandarin."
                --Zoe Bollinger, American University

"I first attended CSI in the fall of 2010, and studying in Beijing was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. I learned more from three months in Beijing than I had in the past two years combined. The program staff were both engaging and knowledgeable, and I earnestly anticipate returning to the program on Boren next year."
                 --Stephen Hurley, College of William & Mary

"Set in the heart of Beijing, the cultural and political center of China, the China Studies Institute was the perfect place to learn about the Chinese people and their culture. Situated in one of Chinas most prestigious universities, students have access to discussion forums, world class performances, and are able to interact with some of the smartest young minds in China. The teachers in the program are well prepared for class and are attentive to each students learning. It is this individualistic approach that allows students to vastly improve their Mandarin reading, writing, and conversational skills within a short period of time. Study trips also provide students with invaluable cultural and historic learning opportunities outside of the classroom. CSI is a well rounded program equipped with dedicated teachers and students from diverse living and learning backgrounds who have made my semester abroad unforgettable."
                 --Tina Song, University of Richmond

"I had several preconceived notions that had developed before I arrived in Beijing to attend the CSI program. The teachers were all assuredly going to be brilliant, somewhat critical, only accepting of the best students, as well as unabashedly serious about their job. Luckily enough for me and every other student, the CSI program as a whole (while still deeply committed to the idea of working diligently to achieve a goal) provided a learning environment and experience that in the end made me a better student and individual. The teachers and staff were all hospitable beyond belief. There never was a moment where I was unable to connect with a teacher to ask questions or just chat about the world. The curriculum, while difficult, was built to get the students to learn and use their new-found knowledge to gain a decisive edge. The program also provided direct insight into Beijing through its various weekend activities and study trips. Those trips not only allowed me to connect with Beijing, but allowed me to bond with other students out of class. The CSI program, from beginning to end, captivated my thoughts and gave me the ability to seek out the potential I knew I had dwelling within me. Peking University is a wonderful campus, gorgeous in its own right, but the CSI program, the staff, the magnificent teachers, and even the students that became my family, will all be missed dearly. CSI was not what I imagined; but was everything I had hoped for and more."
                 --Joshua Bradley, Lake Forest College

"My time at the Chinese Studies Institute at Peking University was hugely rewarding. The small classroom environment, abundant opportunities for one-on-one teaching and the willingness of teachers to engage with the students allowed me not only to greatly improve my Mandarin, but it also gave me a greater understanding of modern Chinese society. I feel that my Chinese, especially formal written, has improved greatly and I am now able to discuss a wide range of advanced topics comfortably. The CSI program is fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve his or her Chinese in a fantastic setting with top-notch instructors."
                 --Grant Parks, Rice University

"My experiences studying with the China Studies Institute language immersion program have far exceeded my initial expectations. Through the assistance of this of this program not only did my language ability improve substantially, but also my understanding of Chinese culture and daily life? The classes are small, the teachers are flexible, and the course matter is challenging. For the serious Chinese student studying in China is a must. I do not think there is any better way to augment that experience than through the assistance of an intensive language program such as that provided by the China Studies Institute."
                 --David Scott Laws, College of William and Mary

"Coming to Beijing to study at the China Studies Institute was the best decision that I made. The Chinese Immersion program at the China Studies Institute is challenging. The teachers are all very dedicated and understand the intricacies of teaching a foreign language. The individual attention that they pay to students is beneficial to your Chinese learning language skills. The quality of the classes is unparalleled by similar programs in China. The staff is always very hard-working and ready to use any resources at their availability to help you. The professors that teach the content courses are very intelligent and have a complex understanding of Chinese affairs from both a Chinese and a Western perspective making your education better-rounded. The past 3 semesters at CSI have propelled both my academic and personal growth to unprecedented extents. I'm very happy that I came to Beijing, particularly to study at the China Studies Institute and will always fondly remember my time here. ྡ"
                 --Maryan Escarfullett, College of New Jersey

"The immersion course is extremely helpful. Although for the first week or two it was hard to adjust to the heavy workload, as time went on classes became a little easier. The main reason is because the more you study about the language, the more it starts to click in your head and before you know it you're writing entire essays in all of the Chinese characters you've been learning along the way. This was my experience, at least. The professors are all excellent and very devoted to helping students succeed. If at any moment you feel frustrated by the amount of work (and most immersion students at one point or another reach the tipping point) then take comfort in knowing that our professors are working just as hard, if not harder, to help bring this language to us and make it accessible. The staff's efforts make it all worth it in the end. If you're seriously interested in learning Chinese, the immersion program is your best bet!"
                 --Christopher McDonald, American University

"I love the immersion program out here! Any Chinese language student who one day aspires to really grasp the concepts of this language should definitely take part. Being able to live in the city, whether it be in an apartment or homestay, gave me a great opportunity to not only understand the Chinese culture more thoroughly, but provided me with as close a view as possible to see into the world of a transitioning China. Classes require your schedule being booked Monday to Friday, so this is not your typical study abroad program if you want to just go out and party (however, you will have plenty of opportunities to do this as well, trust me). Your Chinese will improve dramatically, however it is the amount of effort you put into your studies that will ultimately determine your progress. I would say one of my proudest moments was when I was sitting in class and suddenly realized, "I just sat through an entire class and understood everything my teacher said to me without having to think twice or translate into English." This is exactly what the program will do for you, the combination of the language pledge, being surrounded by Chinese speakers, and classes will literally put your brain in "Chinese mode" and after you once you reach that mode, things start becoming natural. This is what I believe the point of any language program to be, and CSI did that for me."
                 --Matthew Wagner, American University

"I had huge doubts about my own Chinese speaking abilities. Even the prospect of being in a Chinese-only speaking environment scared me profusely. And indeed, in the beginning the language pledge was really daunting. On my first day of class I even walked out of the classroom to plash water on my face because I could not understand the teachers. It was frustrating, a little humbling, and extremely difficult, but almost a month and a half later I can honestly say that every aspect of my Chinese has improved tremendously! Admittedly, this huge improvement is due to my own hard work, but if I'm to be honest I think it has a lot more to do with the patience, dedication, and sheer skill shown by all teachers on the program."
                 --Jeronimo Maradiaga, Colby College

"Attending this program is an awesome eperience and I know my Chinese has improved a ton. Probably my favorite thing about it is that the program is really small. Our group has 4 different levels of Chinese. My class in particular has 3 people in it. This is a great opportunity to have a person who specoalizes in teaching Chinese to give each of us in the class lots of attention and really help improve our Chinese. The language pledge has also been instrumental to improving my speaking, and I'm really glad that I chose a program with this kind of pledge."
                 --Adam Wright, Trinity College

"This summer immersion program is a very rewarding experience for those who seek to learn Chinese. This is an excellent opportunity for students who wants to really strengthen all aspects of their Chinese comprehension. The teaching is excellent. Teachers are very willing to help students with any problems they have and are extrenmely concerned with students' improvement."
                 --Nell G. Moley, Emory University

"This program is an excellent way for students serious about learning Chinese to improve their speaking, reading, and listening abilities. I feel like I've learned more this summer than I have in any previous individual semester, and the teaching quality is really top notch.Not only are the teachers very knowlegeable and helpful, but they also go out of their ways to help students outside of class, and are just a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone willing to commit a significant portion of their time to studying Chinese, because it is the type of program where you will gain as much as you are willing to put into it."
                 --Hillary Stakem, College of William and Mary

"The Beijing Asian Studies Program has helped me improve my Chinese so much.  The teachers are great, and I hope to keep in touch with them when I get back to the US!  You can tell that your teachers care about you as a person, not just about your grades.
One very important aspect of the program is the staffs willingness to design a Chinese study program that suits your needs.  Because classes are so small, teachers and students can work together to pinpoint what aspects of studying Chinese need the most attention, and then change the study plan to meet those needs.  Whether your goals are HSK (a Chinese proficiency test) preparation, learning business jargon so you can read the Wall Street Journal in Chinese, or better understanding Chinese culture, your teachers will help you build the skills to do what you want.
I wanted a class that would really challenge me- so the program helped me design one. There was one other student in my class, and we would meet with a teacher every day, read articles, and have in-depth discussions. We wrote essays, had dictations, and practiced translation and reading aloud.
My experience with my host family has also been great. They are so sweet and nice, and its great to have a family-style network of support for days when theres a lot of work to be done. Playing badminton with my host mom, reading Harry Potter (in Chinese and English) with my host brother, and boating in the Summer Palace will be some of my best memories from China. I know that my host family and I will be life-long friends."
                 --Cecelia McDonalds, Boston College

I was very impressed with the quality of the immersion class. I thought every aspect about it was top notch. From the assignments, teachers, text books and schedule. I feel there is truly nothing I can recommend to improve the course. I feel I definitely improved leap and bounds and definitely had a good time while doing it- while at the same required a high level of work. I look forward to returning next semester to continue with this excellent program.
                 --William Carr, Boston College

The immersion program has vastly improved my Chinese language skills, more so than many semesters in the United States could have. It is a great opportunity for students who are truly interested in learning Chinese and it allows them to dedicate themselves to learning Chinese while also having a great time. Aside from classes and homework, teachers are great about introducing students to important aspects of Chinese culture and organizing field trips and activities. Because the class sizes are so small (my class had two students), every student gets lots of personal attention and aid on a daily basis, and the teachers are all fantastic. I recommend the immersion program for any student who is willing to work hard and who is looking for a fun and unique study abroad experience.
                 --Austin Strange, College of William and Mary

Your summer program vastly improved my language Chinese language skills. I felt that after the two months with this program, I had experienced the equivalence of 1 year of study in the States. The intense class schedule as well as the small class setting created a rich environment for learning. As well, I was able to experience the historical culture of China through the outside trips to the great wall, forbidden city, summer palace, and qsingtao. But more than anything, I appreciated the vast improvement in my speaking abilities that was possible through the program. At first, I had trouble buying groceries, and then by the end I was having conversations with cab drivers.                                       --Craig Colquitt, Emory University

After studying Chinese in the U.S. for a year and then coming to Beijing and participating in the immersion program I can honestly say that there is no substitute to for the education received in an immersion program in China. Studying a foreign language in the US, whether Russian, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese, is restricted by the inability to use this language in a real-life context. However, if one can use knowledge received in the classroom in their everyday experiences this knowledge then gains a real purpose and becomes fossilized as part of a practical language ability. This is what made this program ideal for me. In class we would study a chapter and then later that week while traveling around the city or just walking around campus a situation would arise where either the grammar or new words weve just learned would come into use.
Besides the practicality of studying in China, the classroom size and willingness of the program to adjust to specific students needs made the program especially exceptional. My class had three students in it and because of this small class size teachers were able to focus on the individual needs of the students. Furthermore, if a student needed extra help beyond classroom hours a tutor was provided. Also the quality and enthusiasm of the teachers was superb and made five hours of classes a day seem entertaining and extremely productive. Overall, this immersion program has greatly improved my Chinese ability and I highly recommend it to others.
--Spike Nowak, UMass-Amherst

American University's Beijing Program of Asian Studies far surpassed my expectations of a college study abroad program.  I have studied Chinese for eight years (one in China with a host family) and this program provides language class that rivals living with a host family.  The program's economics and finance classes are centered around China and this gives students a great, in depth view at how the Chinese economy worked before Deng Xiaoping, how it works now, and what China's place is in the global economy.  All in all this is a great program that has deepened my understanding of China.
                 --Maximilian Dunn, Kenyon College

I have studied Chinese for almost two and a half years, going over vocabularies and grammar points, and having tests every week. I wasnt interested in repeating the same learning method this semester. I wanted something new, a challenge for my Chinese language ability. I wanted to take the HSK (Chinese proficiency exam). Through the Independent Studies, I was able to emerge myself in preparing for the exam. Throughout the semester, The Beijing Institute of Asian Studies program staffs were very helpful in adjusting the class schedule according to my needs. I was impressed with the staffs by the amount of attention they gave to each individual; making sure everyone received consistent support to achieve his/her planned goals. My goal was to get Level 6 on the HSK, which proves the required Chinese proficiency to attend universities in China as a foreign student. I havent got the result yet, but Im sure behind the result of this exam, there is a strong helping hand of this program that made this possible. Id really like to thank all the program staffs, and recommend this program for anyone who is not interested in just following the set tracks, but rather interested in following his/her own agenda with self-motivation and help from warm-hearted people in the office semester-round.
                 --Kwang Yeon Lee, Vassar College

"The Summer program. I improved my Chinese SO very much during the summer program. The Chinese was drilled into our heads and we had really great opportunities to practice our language skills in everyday conversation."
--Jessica Lee, University of South Carolina

"The American University study abroad program at Beijing University is a wonderful starter program for anyone interested in studying Chinese language and culture in an immersion environment. Most of the participants are new to China, and many are new to the Chinese language and culture as well. Thus, beginners to China and Chinese will be in good company, able to share their new experiences comfortably with fellow students. Nevertheless, the programs surfeit flexibility and dedication to the individual success of its students allows even higher-level students to find the academic challenge they are looking for.
Before attending the American University program in the fall of 2008, I had already studied the combined equivalent of three years of college-level Chinese in the United States as well as in China. This put me ahead of most of the other participants in terms of language ability and exposure to the culture.
When it became immediately clear that the highest-level the program had planned for was too easy for some of the upper-level students, no hesitation was given to create a new upper-level class, using learning material that had been gathered from the best colleges in the United States and China. The instructors were always very enthusiastic in pushing for our individual progress and success, even accompanying us several times on trips outside of class to look for additional learning materials. Our class included several full-length reading assignments of five to six pages each, in addition to two or three 1000-character writing assignments a week.
Perhaps one of the most striking instances occurred when four of the students (including myself) decided to take the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test. Though lacking any prior knowledge of our idea to take the test, the program wasted no time in organizing a new HSK preparation class based entirely on expressed student interest. I eventually got a 7 on the exam, which is high enough to enroll as a regular student in all but the very best Chinese universities.
The American University study abroad program at Beijing University not only gives students an excellent opportunity to experience China first-hand, but it allows them to succeed at becoming more proficient in Chinese, regardless of what level they start at."
                 -- Guy Evans, College of William and Mary

"This intensive language program is unique in that it works to develop all aspects of one's language ability: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The three classes and tutoring sessions have so far drastically improved my Mandarin abilities after only three weeks. The best way to achieve proficiency in this difficult language is immersion, or diving in head first, which is just what this program provides."
                 --Katie Suplick, American University

The Immersion Program at the Beijing Institute of Asian Studies is the most accommodating Chinese Language program in which I have participated. I found that the workload was aptly suited to allow for free time in the city while also being rigorous enough to significantly improve my Chineseparticularly in the fields of reading and writing. In addition to a very small class size, the program also offered me one-on-one tutors and language partners at my own convenience. On the whole, I have found that my Chinese has improved at least three fold since arriving. At the beginning of the semester, I could barely write complete sentences in Chinese. Now, I am able to write formal essays. Though it must be understood that in the process of learning how to write, there is much self-motivation involved. I spent many hours practicing characters on my own and practicing dictation with my tutor. Nonetheless, with the combination of experienced Chinese teachers and many hours of practice, I am now preparing to participate in the Chinese proficiency exam.
I have also found improvement in my spoken Chinese. Because I am a heritage speaker, I already had a basis for speaking Mandarin. The Immersion Program's emphasis on having a comprehensive language class, however, expanded my vocabulary, range of grammatical expression, and listening comprehension. Moreover, because one' progress in speaking is structured such that it runs parallel with one's ability to write, I am now capable to speak in a more formal academic language. I would highly recommend this program to any serious student of Chinese.
                 --George Bayuga, Seattle University

"This summer language program has benefited my language ability more in the last six weeks than the entire school year at my university. The language immersion, field trips to Chinese heritage sites and daily opportunities for practice with native Chinese give students in this program the ability to progress in their speaking, writing and reading comprehension by leaps and bounds."
                 -- Dennis Partain II, University of Redlands

The immersion Chinese program at the Beijing Institute of Asian Studies offers students the unique opportunity to experience college life at Peking University while learning Chinese at a pace well suited to their needs.  Beginners find that the community on campus is open to Chinese learners and generally willing to work through even basic language issues.  Advanced learners can take advantage of the unique opportunity to be a student at the most prestigious university in China, interacting with well educated and curious students from around the world and experiencing the variety of Chinese culture that can only come from assembling students from all locations and walks of life within China.  The instructors are conscientious and hardworking; most importantly, they treat students like individuals.  This level of willingness to tailor a program of learning to an individual student's needs is far too rare in the world of language teaching today.  Without question, this combination of environments, both within and outside of the classroom, is a unique opportunity which should not be passed lightly.
On a personal level, I am glad that I took advantage of this opportunity when it was presented to me.  I came to China after a year of language study and am convinced that the first two weeks of this program were of more use to me than all of my previous language study in the United States combined.  Whenever I encountered any difficulty, the instructors went out of their way to help me resolve the issueproviding me with a private tutor and personal lessons as necessary.  In short, the program was a wonderful experience that I recommend highly to anyone interested in Chinese language study.
                 -- Chris Janjigian, Lake Forest College

"This program by far exceeded my expectations of how much I could possibly learn in a period of 6 weeks.    With a class of only four other students, there was the opportunity to get a lot of individual instruction while having the energy of a class.    The greatest strength of this program is without question the professors who are not only skilled in teaching but also have the creativity and sense of humor to make six hours of class time everyday actually enjoyable.  Not to mention the portion of the program in Beijing is located in the top university in China that has an absolutely beautiful campus.
I found my overall experience though this program extremely valuable both academically and culturally.  While we covered a years worth of material in a period of six weeks, we also were exposed to integral aspects of Chinese culture though series of calligraphy and culture classes.  In conjunction to the time spent in class, there were also weekend excursions to other cities and scenic sites where I got to see more of China and had a chance to get to know my peers and teachers better.   I would highly recommend this program to anyone studying Chinese because the quality of education I received here was greater than any other school I have attended in my past."
                 --Rebecca Maxfield, Loyola Marymount University

"I did the immersion track at the Beijing Program of Asian Studies for spring semester, 2007. This consisted of taking a number of Chinese language courses, which added up to about 5 hours a day. On top of this, the program gave me the opportunity to meet with language partners once or twice a week on my own time. I've never been so immersed and overwhelmed with something like I was during this program. It really forced me to learn the language in all aspects including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The teachers were also excellent and challenging, making me more motivated to keep up with all of my work. By the end of the program, I was able to confidently carry out interviews with local Beijingers for my senior thesis."
                 --Nathan Baker, Hampshire College

"The Chinese language program at Peking University is a great program. I went there for fall 2007 and it was my best Chinese semester ever. The course was organized in a way that allowed me to improve my reading and speaking skill. The class size was small so it allowed each student to have personal attention. The class environment was relax ed and in a way that made learning fun and effective. Not only that, I had a teacher that was like a friend, thus making the learning process more enjoying."
                 --Diem Bui, Denver University

"The Beijing Institute of Asian Studies' language programs are first-rate. I participated in the Summer Immersion Program and continued to take Chinese during the fall semester. The summer program pushed me beyond the level that I thought I was capable of achieving. All of my professors were energetic and showed incredible enthusiasm, which made the learning experience fun. Coming to China with only one year of Chinese, I felt very uneasy when speaking the language. But soon I fed off of the energy from my professors and felt confident speaking with anyone at any time. One reason for this was the language pledge. It felt like an impossible goal at first, to speaking in Chinese all the time, but it soon became attainable. Through a range of classes, including reading and listening courses I learned much of what is used and needed in everyday communication. Of course what I learned in the classroom one day was immediately useful on the street. Another reason I progressed so quickly was through acting out scenes of everyday life and creating dialogues in class. With my professors speaking in Chinese all of the time, I was forced to improve my language ability. I highly recommend the language programs in BIAS to anyone who wants to improve their Chinese and have an experience of a lifetime."
                 --Ethan Meick, American University

"When I signed up for the immersion program I was scared of the time commitment it required. But after being in the classes for a few weeks, I could see improvement in my conversation skills and my confidence in talking with people. When I began the class, I was shy and timid about using my chinese for fear that I would say something wrong, but now I am confident in talking to anyone. To anyone that is serious about improving your Chinese, the immersion program is an essential, it requires dedication, hard work, and effort, but it is absolutely worth it."
                 --Katie Amico, Gordon College

"If anyone told me a year ago, as I was fumbling through my Chinese class, that I would participate in and successfully complete a two month language immersion program in China I would have thought they were crazy. And if they then said that I was going to enjoy it beyond all imagination, I would have thought I had gone crazy. And yet here I am, back at the University of Denver after my two months of involvement with the Beijing University Summer Immersion program, and I am now getting a minor in Mandarin, and no, I am not crazy. I left for China, my first trip out of the country, hoping for the experience of a lifetime and what I received from BeiDa was so much more. This program is not for those who just want to learn Chinese, but for those who want to understand, experience, and interact with every aspect of Chinese culture upon which language has a vast influence. The staff at Beijing Institute of Asian Studies were just as professional and perfection-driven in their management of the program as they were kind and caring towards every students individual needs. They, like the rest of the students I spent the summer with, have become my very good friends. Like most, it was the Summer Immersion Programs pamphlet promises that persuaded me to come to China, but it was the programs triumphant delivery on those promises that had me professing in Chinese I dont want to leave!
                 -- Erica Shafer, University of Denver

"The Beijing University Language Program is extremely helpful for facilitating Chinese language study. They thought through all the details when organizing this program. They have several different instructors, private tutors, and focus on all methods- speaking, listening, reading and writing- to address every student's learning needs. I have never felt more encouraged to learn a language than at Beijing University. They seem to really care about the quality of instruction and the experience that we all have in China. I would come back to study here in a heartbeat, and I am already dreading the time when I have to leave. My Chinese will improve here so much faster as a result of the effort that all the program officials, teachers, and tutors put into this program."
                 --Annie Adam, American University

"Studying abroad with the Beijing Institute of Asian Studies was a wonderful experience.  It gave me a broad and encompassing experience.  This was reflected particularly in my internship experience with a Chinese NGO.  It gave me experience working with Beijingers while still leaving me ample time to take classes and explore the city.  The program was also quite flexible, accommodating all levels of Chinese fluency and my own level of desire to be immersed in the culture. I really recommend taking the language immersion in the summer or fall with a follow-up semester in the enclave.  This gave me a great opportunity in language learning while having a comfortable environment on campus at Peking University."
                 --Charlie Kilby, American University



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