Internships have been an integral part of this study abroad program since 1998. By working with American expats and Chinese professionals alike, students gain valuable first hand experience about the Chinese economy and society.

Note: According to the new visa regulations enacted in late 2013, student visa may not cover internships. And thus possible internships may only be arranged in the nature of volunteer work.

Fall/Spring Semester ( in the combination with area studies)
Internship is offered as one course with 3 credits. Students are expected to work two full-days per week during the semester.

Dates: same as fall/spring semester

Application time: When being required to do class pre-registrations, students may apply for internship if with interests.

Credits: 3

1. Requirements
    a. 3.2 GPA
       b. Resume and Internship Statement

2. Application Procedures
    a. Check internship box when applying for classes
       b. Indicate area of interest and preference (i.e. business, media, NGO, law, IT, etc.) on class check sheet

3. Credits and Grading
    A total amount of 3 credits will be granted after completing the following:
         1. About 180 hours of work at the internship through a semester.
         2. Attend internship seminar and finish required readings for it.
         3. Submit an internship paper of at least 10 pages.
         4. Turn in internship evaluation form filled out and signed by internship supervisor.
         5. The final grade consists of working performance grade from internship supervisor (70%), internship paper (20%), and participation of seminar (10%).

4. Fees:
       No extra fee will be charged. It is treated as a class. If no suitable placement was found, students may add a course instead.


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