Blue line: Economic Development in Coastal China


      Places to visit
     1. Shanghai  

      The financial center of China and East Asia, Shanghai was known in the 20th century as the Pearl of the Orient.

     2. Hangzhou

       Known as the "Heaven on Earth," Hangzhou is a city with breath-taking scenery and vivacious modern life.

     3. Wenzhou

       Wenzhou is the birthplace of modern Chinese private economy with a GDP of 40 billion USD. It serves as the world's trading capital of small commodities.

     4. Shenzhen 

      The ground zero of China's economic reform. It was once a small fishing village, now transformed to a mighty city that rivals HongKong.

       5. Dongguan

       An important industrial city located in the Pearl River Delta just north of Shenzhen, Dongguan is often call the manufacturing plant of the world and it exports about $65.54 billion every year.

   Corporate visits
      1. Greentown China Holdings Ltd.,Hangzhou

      2. Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co. Ltd.,Hangzhou

      3. Lexmark International, Inc.,Shenzhen

   Required readings
      1. Bruce J. Dickson. Wealth into Power
      2. James Kynge. China Shakes the World

   Individual research projects on Chinese economic developments



The Bund, Shanghai
Zhouzhuang, Hangzhou
In a boat, Hangzhou
On a beach, Shenzhen


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